...San Francisco Photos (2000)...

25th February. I flew from Sydney to San Francisco where I met Tammay.

The San Francisco Trams

Tammay catches a ride on the Powell & Hyde.

Lombard Street

San Francisco's Lombard Street has earned the nickname of "The crookedest street in world". It isn't hard to see why!

Filbert Street

Tammay on Filbert Street. With a gradient of 31.5% it is one of the steepest streets in the world.

Filbert Street

This view of Filbert Street really shows how steep it is.

San Francisco Bay Boat Trip

Tammay and I took a boat trip around San Francisco Bay. It was so cold!

The Golden Gate Bridge

As part of the boat trip we passed under the Golden Gate Bridge.


We also sailed across to Alcatraz Island and had a tour of the famous prison.

The Cells of Alcatraz Prison

I took a closer look at cell 106.


A View from Coit Tower

This is a view of downtown San Francisco (and the Trans America Building) from the Coit Tower, which is built at the top of Telegraph Hill.

A View of San Francisco from Twin Peaks

We then flew on to New York.